The chimneys of the Süleymaniye Hamam and the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul is a favourite of mine and hangs in my office. To me it represents how historic and modern ideas complement each other when given the space.


With a background in Business, Adventure Tourism and Humanitarian relief work in conflict contexts, I now work independently with individuals, small groups and organisations in their quest to help make this world a better place for all.

Specifically I support those who seek to transform communities and the environment through creating new businesses, projects & artistic works in the Middle East & Central Asia region.

My website favicon is the Snowdrop which is usually the first flower of Spring. To me it represents a season where transformation and change can take place - even pushing through snow covered ground where all around can seem devoid of growth and signs of life. 

My business trading name of Five Ten Twenty signifies a radical multiplier given the right conditions - such as seeds of Dreams planted in a field of Hope.

5-10-20 also happens to be the date of my business registration!


The following are the main ways I support individuals and organisations. If there is something here that might fit with your needs or requirements then I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Please reach out initially by messaging me using the form on this page and I'll respond promptly to you.

organisational support

time out to reconnect

photography projects

A Little Cabin in the Alps
My photo portfolio

I support both national & international NGOs through remote/online engagement as well as through physical presence for interim management positions, proposal design, strategy workshops, finance, HR & project management positions.

Post lockdown, we are seeing the Great Resignation as one of the outcomes of people reassessing their work life balance. To help you reconnect, take time out, or simply to go walking in the mountains, A Little Cabin in the Alps is ready and waiting!

Whilst not ignoring the backdrop of crisis and trauma, my preferred photographic focus is that the images I take demonstrate the Hope, Beauty & Resilience that we all share. Mountains & seascapes are my suggestion for your next wall hanging!

join a small group trip

country advice

business creation

Whether you want to take photos, conduct research or simply to find out more about a country that you're interested in, join a likeminded group. I tailor-make small group trips to some of the more interesting - and harder to access - parts of the world.

What is this photo really saying - and why? Do you or your organisation want to travel to a region or country that you're unsure of? I offer independent advice and an in-depth pragmatic background to many countries.

Strengthen and empower disadvantaged communities in Middle East / Central Asia by creating business hubs that provide gainful, dignified employment to residents, stimulate local and national economies, and integrate the beauty and wonder of the natural world into daily business operations.