Hi, I'm Des Clark. Thanks for dropping by.

When I was younger (& fitter!) I ran a mountaineering company guiding trips in the South American Andes, European Alps, Moroccan Atlas, Iceland and beyond, before transitioning to working for humanitarian NGOs in conflict settings such as Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan. (If you'd like to read a bit more about me, just follow this link.)

I now work independently with individuals, small groups and organisations in their quest to help make this world a better place for all.

How? Scroll down for just some examples.

Resilience in picking up the pieces and re-starting life, West Mosul.jpg

photographic collaborations

Whilst not ignoring the backdrop of crisis and trauma, my preferred photographic focus is that the images I take demonstrate the Hope and Resilience that our common humanity shares.
I would love to help you particularly if you represent an NGO that specialises in early-recovery projects that you would like documenting or promoting.


make sense of a part of the world

What is this photo really saying - and why? Do you or your organisation want to travel to a region or country that you're unsure of? I offer independent advice and an in-depth pragmatic background to many countries.

leading teams during crises

With a background in managing, directing and implementing humanitarian and early-recovery responses in conflict and post-conflict contexts such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan, I bring specific experience to leading teams in and during crises amongst others. For more information, follow this link.


photo shows and talks in your home

In this age of of small groups, why not invite some friends around, maybe buy some wine and enjoy a personalised photo show and talk from the comfort of your home! I either come to you (so long as you're in Europe!), otherwise it will be over Zoom or similar.


join a small group trip

Whether you want to take photos, conduct research or simply to find out more about a country that you're interested in, join a likeminded group. I tailor-make small group trips to some of the more interesting - and harder to access - parts of the world.


remote organisational support

I support both national & international NGOs through remote/online engagement as well as through physical presence (provided there is good coffee of course!) for interim management positions, proposal design, strategy workshops, finance, HR & project management positions.


Do you have questions or comments? Want more details on how I can support you and/or your organisation?
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